How To Repair Car Dents In Simple Ways

Old or new, a car doesn’t look good with a dent on the body or door. Bumps can range from small bumps to large dimples caused by an impact or collision with something. Repairing a car bump is simple if the damage is minimal. You don’t need to take it to an auto repair shop and spend hundreds of dollars just to repair a small dent. Let’s look at some ways to repair the dents of a car without using professional service.

How to repair car dents

Some simple methods for dealing with small bumps and blows have been described below:

All you have to do is paint it

If the dent is nothing more than a simple paint chip or scratch on the surface, you can simply repair it with a simple coat of paint. However, remember to use sandpaper to remove rust or paint scratches before applying the primer and paint.

Use a rubber piston

If it is a large ding without a fold in the middle, the use of a rubber piston would be the best solution. It can repel the surface of the steel if it has not been badly wrinkled. Place the piston on the line after moistening its rubber edges and pump several times to establish a suction. Pull the piston towards you. With a little force, a few tests will be enough to get the dent out. The diver method will work if the surface of the door or wing is large and made of metal.

Try with a hammer

If it is a small bump on a steel surface, try to repair it with a flat-toed rubber mallet. It is firm enough to repair a dent in a car, but it is less likely to leave ugly marks on the surface. Wrap a flat metal part with a cloth and place it directly on the line. Now use the mallet to hit the area from below.

Use a small hammer for a small hammer stroke and a large hammer for large car dents. In addition, be very careful not to hit the surrounding area of the pitted area as this may create a few more bumps.

Sealing putty for small dents

Sealing putty is an excellent option for filling areas with flaked paint or tiny dimples. Apply it to the stain with a putty knife, then use a coat of primer and paint as final touch-ups. It’s very simple because you just have to follow the instructions on the packaging.

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