Simple But Important Windshield Care Tips That Can Save You Money

Windshields are among the most important parts of a vehicle, but most people only realize how important they are when something happens to them and they don’t work as efficiently as they should. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle, this important feature protects the driver from the elements, saves lives in the event of an accident, provides an unobstructed view of the road and also supports the roof so that it does not collapse in the event of an accident.

However, even with their important role, the windshield can be damaged in various situations requiring car window repairs or replacements. But with a little care, you can save money on repairs and replacements. Here are some simple but important tips to extend the life of your windshield and save you money.

Tip 1 – Always park your car in the shade or away from direct sunlight

Direct exposure of the windshield to direct sunlight can be dangerous and shorten its life span. UV rays not only damage your colour, but also interfere with the structural integrity of the glass. If the glass already has tiny shards, hot temperatures will aggravate them, making it necessary to park the car in shaded areas or in a garage.

Tip 2 – Close your car doors carefully

Slaming car doors can expose your windshield to damage due to the strong vibrations it experiences inside. Striking once may have no effect, but over time, the slamming will cause the glass to lose its hold. It is not necessary to make much effort to close the door properly to avoid unnecessary slamming.

Tip 3 – Avoid ammonia-based cleaners

Bad chemicals on your car window can cause damage and shorten its life span during the process. Ammonia-based window cleaners are only ideal for your home and not for the windshield. If you have to clean it, use alcohol, vinegar or a special car window cleaner. It is also important to avoid abrasive sponges and paper towels and choose a microfibre towel instead. Microfibre towels are absorbent and leave no traces, they do not scratch the glass and do not destroy the colour.

Tip 4 – Have the chips repaired as soon as possible

No matter how small, leaving them unrepaired only increases their chances of getting worse. Remember that leaving them there also reduces the strength of car windows, compromising protection. Repair services can take as little as an hour and you can even enjoy mobile and replacement repairs from reputable companies. The sooner you correct imperfections, the more you save and the longer the life of your car window.

Tip 5 – Have the windshield inspected regularly

Sometimes the problems are not visible and you may not know what the condition of the glass is. By having a certified technician check your glass regularly, underlying problems such as small cracks and pits or even weaknesses can be corrected in time before they turn into serious problems.

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